Classic turnbuckles are all comprised of four subcomponents.

  1. Threaded terminal (crimps to the cable & threads into the body)
  2. Closed/pipe turnbuckle body (includes a thru hole on center for fine tune adjustment)
  3. A termination that connects the body to the end post (comes in different styles that lend themselves to different end post materials, shapes and dimensions)
  4. Jam nuts (allows the ideal take-up setting to be locked into place under tension for low maintenance)

Note:  Shortie turnbuckles are the exact same as the classic turnbuckles except that their take-up (adjustment) is 1” less which makes them shorter overall and enables them to fit into tighter spaces or look more proportional on short cable length runs.

Are you making an assembly in 5/16" or larger diameter?   See the Marine Rigging Turnbuckles section of our online catalog.