Lexco Cable’s commercial and MIL SPEC MS20668 eye ends are manufactured from stainless steel. Commercial eye ends are typically made from 316 stainless steel, while MS20668 eye ends are SS304. Our MS20668 eye ends are made in the USA; commercial eye ends of both domestic and imported origin are available. Our eye ends are available in various sizes to accommodate cable from 1/16” to 1” in diameter.

Machine or roller swaging is required for installation.

Cable assemblies using eye ends can be quickly and easily connected to assemblies with fork ends by fitting the two together and inserting a clevis pin.

Our MS20668 eye ends do not include clevis pins or cotter pins (must be ordered separately).

Swageless eye ends are also available from Lexco.

Note: An eye end’s hold strength is affected by the construction of the cable to which it is attached. For example, an eye end installed on a 1x19 cable will provide a different holding strength than an identical eye end installed on a 7x7 cable.