Stainless steel wire rope clips, also called wire rope clamps, are the most corrosion-resistant option available, making them ideal for outdoor use, extended saltwater or chlorinated water exposure, and other harsh environments. Lexco Cable offers imported stainless steel clips in all sizes.

Lexco Cable’s stainless steel clips are manufactured from Types 304 and 316 stainless steel. Cast and forged models are available. Please specify your material and cast/forged preference.

Stainless steel materials are not covered under Federal Spec FF-C-450, but Lexco can supply stainless steel wire rope clips that conform dimensionally to this specification.

Note: The typical efficiency of a properly installed loop using a wire rope clamp is 80% of the wire rope’s nominal break strength on diameters from 1/8” to 7/8”, diameters 1” and up achieve 90% of nominal break strength. Because they are not permanent, wire rope clips are not recommended for critical applications; swaged or spelter fittings are recommended for these applications.

These strength ratings apply to forged wire rope clips only, and are not applicable to strand. Please see our FAQ page to review the minimum number of clips to apply per loop.